Gone Fishing Album

Gansta Muzik Ent. album release 2018.  18 powerful songs of raw gangsta lyrics and music.  Ice Water Slaughter, who is known for his lyrical vernacular, always proves his creativity on every song. 


Artists featured

Global Gospel, Infamous Black, Jus Kno Mac, Herb Man, Lil Rascal,  Young KhrisJasin KashRob SmallzDurty Kash,  Erock, Nue-Life, Yung MartezReginald BoudreauxBud E RoeKilla KyleonKene Wayne, D of Trinity Garden Cartel.




Track production is done by

Ionosphere - Ionosphereproductions,

DJ Freestyle,

Mike B - MikeBTracks/Lil Funky Productions

Reginald Boudreaux - Boudreaux Productions.



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